Wikileaks releases new document dump, Democrats pine for a new Cold War

Transparency group Wikileaks has just published another document dump on the Democratic National Committee with instructions on how to download and open them:

which the DNC anticipated…

Let it not be forgotten that DNC interim chair Donna Braziel was also implicated in the leak which led to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, after it revealed that DNC officials conspired to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign after feigning neutrality.

Brazile can try to pin this on the Russians, Trump, or whomever is politically expedient, while using language reminiscent of the Cold War, potentially bringing us back to when the world balanced on a knife’s edge under threat of being blown over by nuclear annihilation.

Hopefully the Democrats will step back from the brink of 1984…

Unfortunately the DNC, as well as the Clinton campaign, are entirely untrustworthy, particularly after Secretary Clinton’s most recent “health episode” wherein she fainted after “overheating” in reportedly temperate weather.

The diagnosis was pneumonia and concerns about the 68-year-old presidential aspirant’s health were suddenly validated after months of Clinton/DNC sycophants dismissing them as “conspiracy theories“.

Some still keep the faith in face of the now-undeniable evidence.

In short, it’s the latest in a string of episodes which demonstrate the lack of trustworthiness and transparency to the extent which necessitates the involvement of organizations like Wikileaks, and hackers like Guccifer 2.0 for the American people to learn what they can about a profoundly opaque candidate.

The spin is of course that it’s a Russian plot, just as everything is a “conspiracy theory”, or when in a pinch, just cry “sexism“.

It doesn’t change the fact that the truth is still the truth, even if it’s the Russians who find it.

  • Good job Jacob, though I don’t totally buy that Trump is actually encouraging the Russians to hack into the DNC. Maybe? I’m not a FT journalist any longer and given the unethical Behaviour of so many of them now, I don’t think I can get back into the field unless it’s as something as innocuous as travel or pet writing, lol. Could be dangerous even if it is in our favor. I don’t play around with WikiLeaks myself. I won’t even go onto their site. I was once hacked. Cost Microsoft $3M and myself about $400 to clean up the damage on my computer. I had residual after affects for a year after. But … $400 is much better than my entire life savings. Nonetheless, keep fighting the good figh