Whether We Like It or Not, The 2016 General Election Just Began in Indiana


Returns still roll in, but one thing is clear, at least to me: It’s all over except the crying and the 2016 general election just began in a substantial way.

Right out of the gate, news organizations projected Donald Trump to be the victor in the must-win state of Indiana.

The GOP frontrunner stands to gain as many as 57 delegates which puts him within a stone’s throw to that magic number he needs to place the GOP nomination on lockdown: 1,237.

The math for Ted Cruz to capture the GOP nomination on delegates alone hasn’t existed for a while and would need to count on interference from the establishment to deny Trump the nomination.

For that reason presumably, Cruz has dropped out of the race after a resounding defeat in Indiana and GOP chair Reince Preibus has declared Trump the presumptive nominee:

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic party frontrunner Hillary Clinton were neck and neck at roughly 50% each but Indiana was her’s to lose.

Likewise Sanders faces almost impossible odds, but insists he can still win the Democratic nomination.

While I still wish the best for Sanders however, and hope to be proven wrong, my threshold for keeping the torch lit was New York, where the Brooklyn native was handily defeated by Clinton to the tune of 16 percent.

My torch was snuffed out completely April 26th, when Clinton swept four out of five contests in the Northeast, and Indiana will probably help put this away.

I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t put money on it…



At this point, I have only the slightest of ideas regarding what I’m doing in November. I’ve hinted at some of my options, especially to my friend Egberto Willies, who has been kind enough to host some of my blog posts on his website.

That’s a post for another day…

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