AP Photo: Pat Sullivan
AP Photo: Pat Sullivan

Recently, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King posted an entry to the Daily Kos that there is a “deeply disturbing lie” which he alleges attempts to connect the recent murder of a Houston-area sheriff’s deputy to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Before anything else, It’s important to keep in mind that King is someone who not only got caught lying about his race, but who also has substantial and outstanding questions about what has done with hundreds of thousands of dollars he’s admitted to raising for other alleged victims of police brutality. To say his credibility is questionable puts it mildly…

I’ve criticized Breitbart recently about publishing articles which I think jump to conclusions before any clear motive has been established. Despite my misgivings and reservations with the movement, without releasing further evidence which would shed light on a motive I don’t think it was helpful for Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman to invoke #BlackLivesMatter in their killing either.

I’m not being naive here; as savage and apparently unprovoked as Deputy Goforth’s murder was, I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be connected to the rhetoric of BLM folks, especially since this was the stance of some of their members just hours after the deputy was murdered:

For a moment, let’s be honest here; other than the shooter himself, nobody really knows what led to Shannon Miles murdering Deputy Goforth. Until and unless an official motive is released, we may never know. It could be BLM Connected; it could be the result of a drug deal by a dirty cop gone wrong. Miles may also have been legitimately, mentally incompetent at the time.

The bottom line is that, until a clear motive is publicly established, I don’t know why Deputy Goforth was murdered and you don’t know either. Whether it’s Breitbart insinuating that BLM had some hand in this without that explicit public information, or demonstrable frauds attempting to absolve BLM from any responsibility whatsoever, don’t expect anyone with an agenda to be honest on this.