The Middle Majority Livestream

Fairly recently some friends of mine got together to form a private Facebook group called “The Middle Majority” as “A non partisan alliance standing against political intolerance from across the ideological spectrum,” born in the wake of the 2016 election as well as the fallout from the U.S. election result that shocked the world.

While we call ourselves “The Middle Majority”, we don’t mean to be arrogant — perhaps we call ourselves that out of hope that we are of the majority of people who hope for a new small-l liberal political center against the emerging political extremes.

As much as has transpired especially since the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, we’ve decided to have a public chat with a private group of friends who are worried about the state of politics and creeping extremism from both the left and right ends of the political spectrum.

We’ll discuss the normalization of political violence on the left (“Everyone I don’t like is a ‘Nazi'”), how Trump’s critics sabotage themselves, Vault 7 and more.

For more information contact me, Jacob Santillan on Twitter @Digital_Heretic