‘Racism Simulator’ Changes ‘White’ to ‘Black’ On Leftist Media Sites — The Results Are *Hilarious*

That left-wing media seem dedicated to re-electing President Donald Trump because they keep doing things to remind a significant portion of the electorate that the identity politics they peddle as the basis of their politics is pure cancer:

Needless to say MTV and the like probably won’t make a “2017 Resolutions for Black Guys” video anytime soon, however a man who goes by the name @UncleChangNYC  is already ahead of them in a way:

The results are hilariously wrong:


Fighting racism with more racism is at best counterproductive.

“If you were offended by one but not the other, maybe you’re the racist one,” says the end of his promotional video.

He’s right to highlight such obvious double standards — I’m glad he did it in a way that helps us laugh at them.

You can get the extension here.