PSA: A 30-second Google Images search is a valuable tool for spotting bullshit

Note: thanks to a comment on Facebook, a better photo is available at Getty Images

Just an aside, but I saw the following image, allegedly evidence of a media blackout of the North Dakota pipeline protests, posted with this tagline:

This is why the media won’t show the protest on the pipeline #StayAware


I’m probably a voracious reader, but I don’t know much about the pipeline protests in North Dakota.

Despite my ignorance, the number of people in the photo seemed a bit…off…for want of a better way of putting that.

The first thought which came to mind was “Woodstock”.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what this is.

I don’t particularly like “gotcha games” which is why I’m not linking back to the source.

The tagline is bullshit, but I don’t know what the intent was – this could have easily been a case of ignorant confirmation bias.

I’ve been burned before, doing exactly that.

There’s enough bullshit floating around the internet. Whatever your cause, sifting through it is a necessary evil.