Before You Ask Anyone To “Explain The Difference”…


Every once in a while, I see the picture above posted with a challenge by perhaps well-meaning liberals or leftists to explain how the two women posing in photos with very similar themes are in any way different.

I see this comparison reposted frequently enough to know those who post it don’t really care to understand the difference but want to conflate the two in the most ignorant and ham-fisted ways possible for the sake of virtue-signalling.

After all, they are both women, standing in front of flags which represents something about who they are and what they believe.

They both bear what appear to be semi-automatic rifles and religious texts of their choosing.

The woman on the left looks like the kind of person who is probably a Christian conservative, clinging to her bible and gun as President Barack Obama derisively and dismissively characterized small-town, working-class people in flyover country.

The woman on the right is similarly decked out with a rifle and holy text only she looks more…how shall I say, “battle-ready”?

As similar as they look, the question placed before the viewer is “what could possibly be the difference here?”

Well, there is a difference and while both women are presumably religious, this Christopher Hitchens atheist is more than happy to explain the difference.

The woman on the left is Holly Fisher, who took that photo to troll critics of her open support for the Hobby Lobby decision.

The woman on the right is Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi, a terrorist affiliated with the armed wing of Hamas, the Brigades of Izel Dein Al-Qassam, who blew herself up at an Israeli army checkpoint, wounding 10 people and killing four at the Erez Crossing on the Israel/Gaza border.

One riposte might be to point out Fisher’s infidelity.

I don’t particularly care because I have fun anytime social conservatives get caught with dirty laundry in their bedrooms.

Fisher’s personal failings aside, the idea behind “Explain The Difference…” is to project the notion that there isn’t any difference, that just because the two women look very much the same, and that they’re both presumably religious they must be very much the same regardless of what they actually think or believe.

To those who slap this photo in a Facebook post yelling “checkmate!” there is no substantive difference between a woman with the “incorrect” opinions about whether a privately owned business should be forced to provide a product it’s owners find morally objectionable versus a religious fanatic who blew herself up, killing others in an act of terrorism, in the name of wiping an entire people off the face of the planet.

In their attacks against Christians, the politically-correct left, which wallows in the worst excesses of identity politics, embraces the worst, most repressive, and most illiberal aspects of Islamism no matter who will be harmed as a result, while they simultaneously  object to expressions and aspects Christianity which are affronts to human liberty.

In other words, they’ll shit on Christians as much as the day is long, but when it comes to condemning Islamists and jihadis, the sounds of crickets chirping are as damning and as deafening as the #RegressiveLeft‘s silence; the challenge to “explain the difference” is an empty-headed false equivalence symptomatic of a broken moral compass.

So the next time someone asks you to “explain the difference”, know that the difference is as plain and clear as the difference between night and day.


Sanders Wants DNC Chair Knocked Over By Primary Opponent

On Saturday CNN’s Jack Tapper asked Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whether he would like to see current Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) defeated by her primary opponent.

“Well, clearly I favor her opponent,” said Sanders. “His views are much closer to mine than as Wasserman-Schultz’s.”

Sanders even went so far as to say that, if elected president, she would lose her spot as DNC chair.

“Let me also say this in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the DNC.”

Wasserman-Schultz faces numerous accusations from the Sanders camp as well as from his supporters of being an unfair broker in the 2016 primary contest between him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This was definitely clear in the aftermath of the fracas that broke out at the Nevada state Democratic convention.

Though Wasserman-Schultz’s tenure as DNC chair has been rocky at times, a Democratic party presidential candidate just said, openly and on the air, that she shouldn’t merely be removed as DNC chair, but also that she should be booted out of congress altogether.

Shots fired, as they say…

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This almost certainly raises the stakes of a DNC convention which may be gripped by the spasms of open revolt.

Wasserman-Schultz now has a plain-as-day self-interest in rigging the DNC convention such that it’s as unfair as possible to Sanders in order to save her own political career.

Democrats who worry about party unity for the general election scold Sanders supporters for their alleged recklessness.

But not all see his continued campaign as an inherently bad development. Consider this tweet from Dave Rubin, who is himself no swivel-eyed conservative:

Also considering the broken state of our politics and the quality (or lack thereof) of candidates the Democratic establishment slops into a bowl before the electorate like wet dog food from a can, I doubt Rubin is alone in being willing to live with it too.

The Oklahoma Senate Wants To Remind You That Republicans Can Also Be Terrible When It Comes To Personal Liberty


The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill Thursday which would make it a felony for a physician to perform an abortion.

Senate Bill 1552 would preclude physicians “from obtaining or renewing a license to practice medicine in this state” if they perform, or assist in the performance of an abortion in Oklahoma.

Doctors who perform an abortion would also risk facing a maximum prison sentence of three years.

The state House approved the legislation in a 69-15 vote and the Senate sent it to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin after giving it a 33-12 greenlight.

An amendment to SB 1552 exempts abortions performed to save the life of the mother.

Gov. Fallin vetoed the bill Friday.

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Recently I’ve been alarmed  by the loony, whacked-out authoritarian politics of certain sectors of the left I used to call home.

I’ve been so alarmed by the threat to human liberty posed by social justice warriors on the left these days that I feel I’ve neglected the authoritarian politics of some sectors of the right.

While it can be fun to ridicule the excessive and totalitarian demands of the college campus left, authoritarianism isn’t a phenomenon exclusive to it.

This week the Oklahoma Senate should serve as a reminder that Republicans can also be pretty terrible when it comes to human liberty and individual rights.


After Nevada Convention Chaos Clinton Claims Narrow Victory in Kentucky, Sanders Takes Oregon


Hillary Clinton eked out a narrow victory in Tuesday’s Mar. 17 Kentucky primary in a 46.8%-46.3 squeaker which had ballot-counters working late to tally the final numbers.

Sanders took Oregon by a more comfortable margin, cleaning up in the Beaver State 51% to 36%.

The contests’ results mean Sanders stands to gain about 50 delegates to Clinton’s 55.

Clinton is now less than 100 delegates (including superdelegates) from the 2,383 needed to clinch the Democratic Party nomination

The Mar. 17 primaries took place after violence allegedly broke out at the state Democratic convention in Nevada over the weekend for which Sanders supporters received much of the blame.

Sanders supporters remained convinced that the Democratic Party primary process is rigged against the Vermont Senator who decided to run as a Democrat after serving in Congress as an independent.

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The primary has been over for me personally since New York, and it’s clear enough to me that Sanders will not win the nomination, even if he still has a shot mathematically speaking.

Clinton is too close to the magic number and Sanders will need to win a large enough number of remaining delegates that I don’t think he can pull it off,  never mind the looming spectre of machinations by the Democratic establishment.

Democratic party apparatchiks worry that this summer’s national conventions may be the opposite of what many expected to be: a nice tidy DNC convention with Clinton wrapping up the nomination with orderly ease; the RNC convention engulfed in the flames of open revolt.

Now, even #NeverTrump Republicans are starting to line up behind the presumptive GOP nominee as Clinton and Sanders supporters are the ones ready to do the bloodletting on the convention floor.

Who knows where we’ll be in the roughly two months remaining until the respective party conventions in July?

Whatever happens, Philadelphia in July is going to be really interesting.

Whether We Like It or Not, The 2016 General Election Just Began in Indiana


Returns still roll in, but one thing is clear, at least to me: It’s all over except the crying and the 2016 general election just began in a substantial way.

Right out of the gate, news organizations projected Donald Trump to be the victor in the must-win state of Indiana.

The GOP frontrunner stands to gain as many as 57 delegates which puts him within a stone’s throw to that magic number he needs to place the GOP nomination on lockdown: 1,237.

The math for Ted Cruz to capture the GOP nomination on delegates alone hasn’t existed for a while and would need to count on interference from the establishment to deny Trump the nomination.

For that reason presumably, Cruz has dropped out of the race after a resounding defeat in Indiana and GOP chair Reince Preibus has declared Trump the presumptive nominee:

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic party frontrunner Hillary Clinton were neck and neck at roughly 50% each but Indiana was her’s to lose.

Likewise Sanders faces almost impossible odds, but insists he can still win the Democratic nomination.

While I still wish the best for Sanders however, and hope to be proven wrong, my threshold for keeping the torch lit was New York, where the Brooklyn native was handily defeated by Clinton to the tune of 16 percent.

My torch was snuffed out completely April 26th, when Clinton swept four out of five contests in the Northeast, and Indiana will probably help put this away.

I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t put money on it…



At this point, I have only the slightest of ideas regarding what I’m doing in November. I’ve hinted at some of my options, especially to my friend Egberto Willies, who has been kind enough to host some of my blog posts on his website.

That’s a post for another day…

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