Occupational Hazards In Education

Education isn’t an easy profession to endure, but teachers in Australia these days face a more ominous occupational hazard than say, repetitive motion injuries sustained from grading papers or typing up homework assignments:

Teachers at a primary school in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading and other violence from young Islamic students, prompting one of them to quit her job. Students as young as those in Year 5, according to the Daily Telegraph, are making the violent threats and pressuring others to read the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney.

Documents given to the newspaper allege that three staff members have taken a leave of absence owing to stress, received counselling and been awarded compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

One female teacher reportedly quit her job after it got too much for her. She claims she quit after receiving death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her. The teacher also said she made numerous complaints back in 2014 about the extraordinary behavior in the class. For example, she said, she was abused by students after she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

In another example, she claimed she was pushed into a corner by students who began marching around her chanting the Koran.

Before you commit thoughtcrime by merely acknowledging that something might be a little off about this, repeat after me, before the police come to take you away:

Religion of peace

Diversity is our strength

Free speech is hate speech

The progressive-left has already made it abundantly clear that no conversations shall be had about these ideas, and that any criticism of a religious doctrine which commands the beheading of infidels is “gross and racist“.

Whenever anyone even meekly asserts that they’d really rather not be “culturally enriched” by suicide bombing, sharia law, or female genital mutilation, they risk character assassination in addition to actual assassination.

Dark humor aside, and the usual #NotAllMuslims caveats already in place and ready for me to repeat ad infinitum, what will it take for people in the west to wake up and realize that this is not compatible with Western civilization?

Whatever it takes, my greatest hopes lie with the liberal, secular Muslim reformers who risk their very lives to be murdered as apostates or heretics to speak of an Islamic Reformation so desperately needed for a soft landing between Islam and the West: