Murdered HCSO Deputy Darren Goforth May Have Had an Affair…So What?

Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price

Sgt. Craig Clopton, the officer investigating the murder of Harris County Sherriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth, was recently relieved of duty after admitting to a sexual relationship with a witness in Goforth’s murder case. The witness in question is the same witness who also claimed she was having an affair with deputy Goforth for about 15 months.

There are a couple of questions that came to mind:

  1. What the hell was that investigator thinking?
  2. Who is this woman, what is her story, and why did she do what she has done and claims to have done?

That the witness admitted to an affair was brought up by the defense attorney of Goforth’s murderer Shannon Miles in the hope of forbearing the death penalty for killing an officer of the law. The argument is that Goforth was clocked out at the time Miles murdered him, the implication being that he was en route to meet his alleged mistress who was found crying over his body, which under Texas state law somehow makes it no longer capital murder.

It’s a sleazy defense tactic, but in the interest of fairness, I suspect if many of us faced the needle, we’d want our defense attorney to try anything to at least spare us that. Whatever the case may be, Goforth may have strayed from his marriage, but I do have to question the motive and credibility of someone who makes that claim and then has sex with the investigating officer investigating his murder. Presuming for a moment that it’s even true, that may make him a bad husband, but not necessarily a bad cop nor deserving of being murdered. Even if it is true, what if he and his widow had some kind of arrangement?

I don’t know and you probably don’t either. I imagine the usual “fuck the police” types lick their chops at this revelation, hungry for the opportunity to smear and defame the dead who cannot defend himself from these allegations because it’s politically expedient to their cause. Because no motive has yet been released, and until that is publicly established, this leads me to my final question: Why does it even matter if it were true that Goforth was having an affair?

None of that detracts from the fact that someone still ambushed a cop and emptied fifteen rounds into him as he lay fallen. I suspect and speculate people not exactly fond of police gleefully pass this around and shout it from the rooftops as a subtle insinuation that Goforth somehow had it coming, that his brutal murder was in some way morally justified, if certainly not legally. “After all” I imagine they say, “he was a cop, so he must have done something to deserve it, right?”

Yes, it’s possible Deputy Goforth may have had an affair. So what?