Male escorts made ‘crazy money’ at the RNC last week – that should start to worry the left

Apparently it’s a time of feast instead of famine for gay escorts in Cleveland as the New York Post reports that “Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC“.

I’ve seen people share this story all day last Thursday, I assume laughing at the idea of some douchebag preacher’s son getting caught blowing another dude in an airport men’s room.

I’ve laughed at that myself whenever people who get caught masturbating with one hand while pointing with the other.

But liberals and leftists share this in a way which I think they’re missing something huge  (yuuuuuuuge!) going on. 

I’ve written previously on why his opponents and critics should take care not to dissmiss Donald Trump too quickly, but I don’t respond to him with the same hair-on-fire panic-mongering as others.

For all his flaws (and there are many), I simply don’t think he’s LiterallyHitler™ and more than a year into this, people are still sleeping on Trump. 

After a year of all of this, I actually see why he appeals to people in part because of Orlando.

We’re not too far removed from the night Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a terrorist attack at the Pulse night club.

On June 12, 2016 America would see the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT folks to date at the hands of an jihadist.

What was the response of the left? Bury their heads in the sand

Professor Gad Saad covers some of the more ludicrous “ostrich logic” of the left that emerges every time someone shrieks “Allah Akbar!” before they blow themselves up in an airport, or hacks to death an atheist blogger with a machete

I find even myself considering Trump after the initial reaction to Orlando was more or less bash Christians, blame the NRA, and insist yet one more time, in one way or another, that religion has nothing to do with this.

Amazingly, Al-Qaeda cautioned its operatives to select straight, white targets because the mainstream media keeps screwing up the message they’re trying to send which is “yes, we are in fact engaged in a clash of civilizations”.

These willfull and deliberate obfuscations and misdirections executed for the sake of political correctness forced me to seriously consider voting for Cheeto Jesus.

You might laugh, but keep in mind Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel gave his own RNC speech Thursday night:

Peter Thiel at the RNC is kind of a big deal and that an openly, proudly gay man gave such an address – in primetime – to the Republican National Convention is indicative of a monumental change that the left doesn’t understand, appreciate, or even recognize that is even happening, party platform notwithstanding.

Some understand this while predictably smearing any gay person who holds any views other than the loony, whacked-out identity politics prescribed for them by the types who write for Salon or EverydayFeminism.

But gay men in particular have been thrown off the progressive stack and are now fair game for attack by the left for their race, gender, and sexuality.

Add to the left’s willingness to denigrate gay men for accidents of birth, the willingness to provide aid, comfort, and cover to those who openly, repeatedly call for their deaths, it’s not difficult to work out why they might start to feel like the left has largely abandoned them, their usefulness having expired post-Obergefell.

After Orlando and the rainbow-striped Gadsden flags which flew afterward, a gay-conservative alliance isn’t as crazy or laughable as people think…