Make Robots, Not War: Crisis At KPFT | Doyle Odom

Originally published at, and also available on iTunes, this is the first part of a multi-part series in which myself and Annika O’Brien interview people with regard to the Jul. 14 termination of KPFT interim General Manager Dr. Obidike Kamau by Pacifica Foundation’s Interim Executive Director Bill Crosier which set the KPFT community ablaze, at least in part.

Crosier cites financial difficulties as the cause for relieving Dr. Kamau from his position which he held for less than three months.

Many of those in support of Dr. Kamau’s reinstatement however claim racism is the primary motivation for his removal:

We begin with Doyle Odom, KPFT Programmer with whom I worked when I was a reporter and anchor for the KPFT news department  before I stepped away in Sep. 2016 to finish my degree in journalism: