Maher mea culpa: Liberals wrong to cry ‘Wolf’ about Bush, Romney; ‘fascist’ Trump is different – why should we believe him now?


On the Nov. 4th edition of his HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher pleaded with voters not to vote for a “fascist” like Trump, apologizing for the way he and other liberals had attacked the likes of Mitt Romney and John McCain, whom those on the left by now would almost certainly prefer running against Hillary Clinton:

From RealClearPolitics:

MAHER: To the young people, like they say in the action movies, the shit just got real. I know you’re young and idealistic so I’ve heard these young people out in the news and they say things like, ‘Well, Donald Trump, I don’t like him but Hillary, I can’t vote for a liar.’

I mean, first of all it’s just apples and oranges, and orange. But, kids, I’ve been doing this for 23 years on TV. I’ve seen a lot. I know politics. This is different. I promise you this will not make your life better. And also once fascists get power they don’t give it up. You’ve got President Trump for life.

I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy Bush like he was the end of the world. And he wasn’t. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars because I was so afraid of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much or yours. Or John McCain.

They were honorable men who we disagreed with and we should have kept it that way. So we cried wolf and that was wrong. But this is real. This is going to be way different.


What’s striking to me is that I recently filed a video for Refined Right, on how Bill Maher and others slamming Trump-supporting evangelicals is shallow and myopic before I knew of these remarks, which would have been made on the same night he begged people not to vote Trump:

In 2012 Joe Biden said Mitt Romney would put black people back in chains if elected. It’s a flatly ridiculous statement to make, but this has been the level for years.

Now that liberals have broken off the LiterallyHitler™ knob cranking it to 11 with their alarmism on the GOP for so long, we get to find out if this election is in in fact a “boy who cried wolf” scenario if Trump wins.

That Maher would in the same night beg people not to vote Trump while bashing them strikes me as a bit insincere and that we’re supposed to believe now that it’s somehow “for realsies” this time is desperate, fake and absurd since this comes only now that it looks like Trump might actually pull this off.

Why should we believe them on anything anymore?

There’s nothing quite as empowering as the knowledge and understanding that people like that are going to call you whatever names and buzzwords they want no matter what you say, mean, or actually believe and nothing is going to change how they speak of people who vote Trump, whether they’re conservatives, evangelicals, libertarians, nationalists, populists or even disaffected liberals such as myself.

The folks over at Occupy Democrats Logic, a Facebook page dedicated primarily to making fun of Occupy Democrats and the like, have a take that resonated with me as a suitable response:

(GC) You know what, this really pissed me off.

I remember the 2012 election pretty well. Before that election, and this may shock some of you, I actually leaned more to the left. I watched the Young Turks. I read HuffPo. “Occupy Wall st.” and “the other 98%” were in my likes on Facebook.

But two very important things happened. First was learning about Ron Paul’s campaign and his son Rand in the senate. Through them, I went on to discover Friedman and Hayek and other thinkers whose logic and common sense became harder and harder to deny.

But the second big one was the general election against Romney. Every time Romney spoke, he would always clarify how he thought Obama was a good man, good father and patriot who he just happened to think wasn’t a good president.

The left however, went on full attack mode. He was a sexist who was gonna ban birth control and take us back to the fifties, he was a warmonger, he was a racist (even though his father was a civil rights activist), his wife and kids were attacked, his wife for being a stay at home mom and his sons for not serving ( even though Obama now has a daughter old enough to serve and two wars still being fought), Harry Reid flat out lied about him being a tax avoider, and Obama even coldly blew off his congratulations call by subtly calling him a racist as well. That’s when I finally learned the truth. I had been misled to believing all the left wanted was an inclusive society where everyone had a fair shake. Bull. Fucking. Shit. All they want is obedience and they will hammer down on anyone who steps out of line.

So fuck your fake remorse Bill Maher.