Fox 26 now reports the person in custody is a “person of interest” in the investigation in the murder of Harris County Deputy Darren GoForth:

On August 28th, at 8:30 p.m. at the corner of West Road and Telge, someone walked up to a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy while he was pumping gas into his squad car and shot him multiple times in the back and then shot him multiple times once he fell to the ground. No motive is currently known and eyewitnesses say the shooter said nothing to the deputy before opening fire.

The suspect, described as a man with a dark complexion roughly 5’10’-6′ tall and wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts reportedly fled west on West Road in a dark red or maroon Ford Ranger.

It’s difficult to come up with language to describe how to feel about this. The loss of 47 year old Darren Goforth, a ten year veteran of the force who is survived by a wife and two children is incalculable.

I’ve a buddy who genuinely hopes this is a non-random event. It does sound odd as he admits. It’s hard to find an upside to any of this but I guess it would be better than some lunatic wildly blasting people because he thinks the dog told him to. I don’t find the idea of this being a calculated cold-blooded murder any more comforting.

Whatever the case may be what’s decidedly unhelpful are wild insinuations about a tragedy in which no clear motive has even been established which hint at seemingly related events:

Screenshot 2015-08-29 01.22.00

I’m a leftist who actually enjoys Breitbart because I believe in reading widely, in engaging people with whom I disagree, so I wouldn’t bat an eye at writing for them. I wouldn’t be the first liberal to write for them, after all.

I have my own misgivings and reservations about the #BlackLivesMatter movement which I believe would be wholly inappropriate to get into here. I’m sure some on the right would love to hang this killing around their necks but as far as I can tell, BLM supporters have so far remained silent on the officer’s killing.

Their critics however are in full force, and haven’t wasted any time exploiting this tragedy to take shots at BLM supporters, warranted or not.

This is not a night in which I care much about any of that. I don’t care about which side to take in political spats. Don’t be that person tonight.

Be safe folks…

Update: Katie McCall of Fox 26 reports the suspected gunman has been apprehended:

Screenshot 2015-08-29 02.54.32