#DrainTheSwamp: Of all the bombshells, the leaked debate questions are among the most infuriating

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By now we’re all well aware of the Oct. 28 bombshell dropped by FBI Director James Comey, that the bureau will take another look at the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified information on her private email server.

Needless to say, the Dems are almost certainly in full-panic mode and it’s pretty hilarious:

Between that, the revelations that the Clinton family and various apparatchiks used the Clinton Foundation to personally enrich themselves, a top Justice Department official giving the Clinton camp the heads up by tipping them off about the FBI’s investigation, as well as much, much more, there’s plenty for many to be very angry about since it appears that the people we’re ostensibly supposed to trust to run the highest institutions of government are corrupt beyond compare.

Strangely enough to me, a relatively trivial revelation amidst all this makes me the angriest:

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 3.59.10 PM.png
Email ID #39807

This revelation came to light after Brazile strongly insisted to Megyn Kelly that she never fed questions to the Clinton camp prior to any of the presidential debates:

Brazile’s evasiveness is clear from the get go, making it a point to remind everyone that the emails were stolen and refusing to answer Kelly’s direct question as to how she got the relevant question.

To be clear, current Democratic National Committee interim chair (and now former CNN contributor) Donna Brazile flatly lied to Kelly when she said “as a Christian woman” she will not stand to be “persecuted” by information that is “totally false”.

So far the Dems have not contested the authenticity of the emails with any notable vigor except one MSNBC contributor’s claim, shared by thousands without a shred of evidence, that the emails  were forgeries:

From The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald:

As you can see, more than 4,000 people have re-tweeted this “Official Warning.” That includes not only random Clinton fans but also high-profile Clinton-supporting journalists, who by spreading it around gave this claim their stamp of approval, intentionally leading huge numbers of people to assume the WikiLeaks archive must be full of fakes, and its contents should therefore simply be ignored. Clinton’s campaign officials spent the day fueling these insinuations, strongly implying that the documents were unreliable and should thus be ignored. Poof: Just like that, unpleasant facts about Hillary Clinton disappeared, like a fairy protecting frightened children by waving her magic wand and sprinkling her dust over a demon, causing it to scatter away.

Except the only fraud here was Nance’s claim, not any of the documents published by WikiLeaks. Those were all real. Indeed, at Sunday night’s debate, when asked directly about the excerpts of her Wall Street speeches found in the release, Clinton herself confirmed their authenticity. And news outlets such as the New York Times and AP reported — and continue to report — on their contents without any caveat that they may be frauds. No real print journalists or actual newsrooms (as opposed to campaign operatives masquerading as journalists) fell for this scam, so this tactic did not prevent reporting from being done.

But it did signal to Clinton’s most devoted followers to simply ignore the contents of the release. Anyone writing articles about what these documents revealed was instantly barraged with claims from Democrats that they were fakes, by people often pointing to “articles” like this one.

The Daily Caller has since published cryptographic evidence of the emails’ authenticity and tested them for any alterations the results of which have so far shown that they are in fact real and untampered.

“Politics as usual”

I’ve heard various iterations and insistences that this is all “politics as usual” as a way to downplay clear and obviously unethical conduct, if not outright criminal wrongdoing.

That isn’t a defense but yet another line-item in the bill of indictment of a rotten-to-the-core political establishment which can’t be trusted to do anything right by the American people, or act with a single shred of integrity.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Mar. 1 Texas primary because I believed a Sanders administration would have at least tried to alleviate the economic miasma working-class Americans are still mired in.

Sanders lost me in every possible way however when he endorsed Clinton, in the most pathetic act of capitulation I’ve ever seen in politics, especially since the DNC leak confirmed the suspicions of his supporters that the DNC was at least conspiring to sabotage his campaign while feigning neutrality.

I have numerous reasons by now why I voted for Donald Trump in the general despite all his numerous flaws.

The most pertinent to this entry is that my patience has run dry with this kind of conduct being normalized as “politics as usual”.

Perhaps naively, I’d hoped for a Sanders/Trump general election contest chiefly because I still believe it would have been infinitely more substantive than the circus we’re stuck with now.

Instead of more substantive issues, this election will be decided more on how the Clinton and the Democrats connived, schemed, lied, smeared, and played identity politics to the most ludicrous extremes (no, “emailgate” is not a “bitch hunt”, Trump would have been eaten alive if he’d done the same, and Comey laying out her extreme, almost certainly criminal negligence while letting her walk is not a “talking-down-to” but a concession no ordinary service member or civilian would ever receive and would be fortunate beyond description or belief to benefit from).

Brazile helping Clinton cheat in the debates against both Sanders and Trump, albeit relatively trivial compared to what she is under criminal investigation for, exemplifies everything that’s wrong with government and politics.

That this kind of conduct is excused as “politics as usual” I feel is a such a direct threat to our democracy, that it validates suspicions that the election is in various ways “rigged”.

The threat lies in the fact that if this corrupt establishment will do it to Trump and Sanders, they’ll do it to literally any candidate whether you like them or not.

I don’t know if Trump really can “Make America Great Again”, but this kind of malfeasance and mendacity is why I’m imminently ready to help #DrainTheSwamp.

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