Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Speaks With KPFT Houston’s Queer Voices About Bill C-16

University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson spoke with Summer Eiman on the Feb. 27, 2017 edition of KPFT Houston’s Queer Voices about his concerns with Bill C-16 which was recently by the nation’s parliament.

Proponents call it a “human rights bill” but Dr. Peterson shares his concerns that the legislation’s vague language and punitive terms threaten free speech rights.

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You can see his video outlining his concerns more thoroughly on his YouTube page:

Clarification/Correction: Bill C-16 was passed by the Canadian House of Commons, but has not yet been approved by their Senate. 

According to Dr. Peterson, who has followed this extensively, Bill C-16 passed second reading on Mar. 2:

Added Mar. 4: