#CNNblackmail Threatens to Dox Reddit Meme Creator

Myself and roboticist Annika O’Brien are producing a new podcast called Make Robots, Not War which will feature a blend of news, politics, what the future has in store for us, and pretty much whatever else we think worthwhile to talk about.

We’re lining up guests from some of our most recent excursions, as well as others from different walks of life.

We’re also still in the process of standing up our platforms, but in the meantime, in our test segment we covered the recent conflagration sparked by CNN’s doxing threat they levied against an internet shitposter for making a WWE themed meme featuring President Donald Trump clotheslining Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 2007, but with the CNN logo superimposed on McMahon’s head:

It’s a symbol of the ongoing feud between President Trump and the news outlet which has not had a good run of their own as of late.

Hidden camera tapes released by Project Veritas suggest that CNN, to drive up ratings, knowingly peddles a Trump-Russia collusion story they believe internally to be without merit, the retraction of a story, written by three journalists since forced to resign, accusing Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci of having questionable ties with the Russians, and now CNN implicitly threatening the entire internet with doxing in retaliation of anyone who mocks them for their alleged wrongdoing, which drew criticism from even fellow left-wing mainstream media outlets.

We share our takes on the situation in a test segment of Make Robots Not War, recorded 5 Jul. 2017, currently available on SoundCloud and YouTube:

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