No Boys Allowed Music Festival And Other WTFs In Feminism | MRNW 13

A former Hillary Clinton campaign operative really, really, really wants you to elect women, a female Newsweek columnist is disappointed to learn people turned on by men still want them to be men, and a Swedish comedian is starting a music festival which will exclude them entirely.

Links to stories for today:

Dates set for first ‘man free’ festival in Sweden, tickets to go on sale in December

Men With Muscles And Money Are More Attractive To Straight Women And Gay Men—showing Gender Roles Aren’t Progressing

Sarah McBride: “Elect Women”

Organization mentioned at 37:25 is


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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson on “Not Real Marxism”

“Well, the Soviet Union (et. al.) wasn’t real Marxism…”

It’s a common refrain I’ve heard from many socialists/communists during my time on the political left, one I internalized when I considered myself on the left.

It’s dramatically wrong, and University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explains why in the best way I’ve seen so far.

It’s symbolic of the conceit of those on the left who generally act with an unearned sense of moral superiority, and epistemic self-certainty — they know it all, have all the answers, and are imbued with a sort of divine mandate to force their utopian worldview upon people who simply want to live their lives freely and are willing to excuse almost anything to that end.

He’s spoken at length and repeatedly about the problems with the “not real Marxism” argument trotted out by apologists for the horrors of the Soviet Union and other countries under communist rule.

I wanted to share it here nonetheless:

The full video can be found here: