Babak Darvish on being a Secular Muslim | MRNW #11

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Today we speak with a former director of a local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations about last week’s terror attack in Manhattan, why he left that organization and more.

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Babak Darvish is an Iranian-American activist, columnist, commentator, and technology specialist. He is a political centrist, advocate of democracy and an advocate of the plural “perennial philosophy” interpretation of Islam. Babak is the CEO of Lycan group and was the Executive Director of CAIR Columbus from 2009-2010. He co-founded the Muslim Forum of Utah in 2003 and ran it until 2007. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology and Web Management. He is well known in the technology world as being a guru of Business Analysis and Business Intelligence focusing on Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Organized Crime, and Anti-Terror Finance. His employers have included J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, BB&T Bank, Cisco Systems, Non-Profit Groups, and Government Agencies. He is also an alumni of the FBI Citizen’s Academy (FBICA). He has been a sought after Consultant in the fields of Technology, History, Culture, Religion, Politics, Languages, and Government Relations. Babak is fluent in English and Persian. He was born in Tehran, Iran into aristocracy, however moved to the USA when he was one year of age with his parents and rose in the USA. He studied Islamic history, culture, and law from a number of Sunni, Shia, and Sufi scholars such as Sidi Muhammad of the Shadhili Sufi Order, which he has been a Murid of since 2006. He has lived and travelled in North America, Europe, and Asia. You can contact him or book an interview by visiting his blog at:

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Kenny Siler On Being A Young Conservative | MRNW #10

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It’s Halloween and today we speak with one of the most terrifying creatures to stalk the political landscape — a young black conservative.

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