Sh**holes, The Controversial Hoodie and Netflix | MRNW 17

President Trump sets the entire political and media world alight with remarks on immigration, a mother tells everyone to get a grip on a controversial hoodie, and New Netflix degeneracy.

Trump’s Comments:

Washington Post

Washington Examiner

Executive Branch on Immigration.

Controversial Hoodie.

H&M Stores Trashed.

Netflix Commercial– video at 27:35

Jay Leno Glad To Be Done With Late Night TV.

Motorhead’s Eddie Clarke Passes Away.

Anti-Free Speech Academics, AIM Says “Goodbye”, TN Woman Births 25-Year-Old Embryo | MRNW 16

An academic conference calls for an end to free speech protections, a long-time messaging service says goodbye, and a Tennessee woman breaks a childbirth record.


Conference calls for ban on ‘anti-sharia laws,’ ‘hate speech’

AIM is officially dead

“‘SHE’S OUR SNOW BABY’ World first as baby is born from an embryo frozen 25 YEARS ago – and her mum is only 26

Regarding the Kraut Discord doxing server leaks, and possible involvement of Kilroy organizer:

Shout out to TheBurgerkreig, with whom we’ll speak Dec. 28 2017

Annika on Gab.

Annika on Twitter.

Jacob on Gab.

Jacob on Twitter.

“Child” Migrants, Racist Plexiglass, & PC Sexual Coercion | MRNW 15

An investigation uncovers many  children seeking asylum in Sweden are older than they claim. Philadelphia business owners face criticism for taking protective measures in high-crime areas. And a porn star pressured into sex commits suicide.

Pro-Gay Online Hate Machine Leads to Suicide of Porn Actress

Mister Metokur’s Video on August Ames:

Sweden child migrant tests ‘reveal many adults

Barrier windows in Philly beer delis: Symbols of safety or distrust?