Before You Ask Anyone To “Explain The Difference”…


Every once in a while, I see the picture above posted with a challenge by perhaps well-meaning liberals or leftists to explain how the two women posing in photos with very similar themes are in any way different.

I see this comparison reposted frequently enough to know those who post it don’t really care to understand the difference but want to conflate the two in the most ignorant and ham-fisted ways possible for the sake of virtue-signalling.

After all, they are both women, standing in front of flags which represents something about who they are and what they believe.

They both bear what appear to be semi-automatic rifles and religious texts of their choosing.

The woman on the left looks like the kind of person who is probably a Christian conservative, clinging to her bible and gun as President Barack Obama derisively and dismissively characterized small-town, working-class people in flyover country.

The woman on the right is similarly decked out with a rifle and holy text only she looks more…how shall I say, “battle-ready”?

As similar as they look, the question placed before the viewer is “what could possibly be the difference here?”

Well, there is a difference and while both women are presumably religious, this Christopher Hitchens atheist is more than happy to explain the difference.

The woman on the left is Holly Fisher, who took that photo to troll critics of her open support for the Hobby Lobby decision.

The woman on the right is Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi, a terrorist affiliated with the armed wing of Hamas, the Brigades of Izel Dein Al-Qassam, who blew herself up at an Israeli army checkpoint, wounding 10 people and killing four at the Erez Crossing on the Israel/Gaza border.

One riposte might be to point out Fisher’s infidelity.

I don’t particularly care because I have fun anytime social conservatives get caught with dirty laundry in their bedrooms.

Fisher’s personal failings aside, the idea behind “Explain The Difference…” is to project the notion that there isn’t any difference, that just because the two women look very much the same, and that they’re both presumably religious they must be very much the same regardless of what they actually think or believe.

To those who slap this photo in a Facebook post yelling “checkmate!” there is no substantive difference between a woman with the “incorrect” opinions about whether a privately owned business should be forced to provide a product it’s owners find morally objectionable versus a religious fanatic who blew herself up, killing others in an act of terrorism, in the name of wiping an entire people off the face of the planet.

In their attacks against Christians, the politically-correct left, which wallows in the worst excesses of identity politics, embraces the worst, most repressive, and most illiberal aspects of Islamism no matter who will be harmed as a result, while they simultaneously  object to expressions and aspects Christianity which are affronts to human liberty.

In other words, they’ll shit on Christians as much as the day is long, but when it comes to condemning Islamists and jihadis, the sounds of crickets chirping are as damning and as deafening as the #RegressiveLeft‘s silence; the challenge to “explain the difference” is an empty-headed false equivalence symptomatic of a broken moral compass.

So the next time someone asks you to “explain the difference”, know that the difference is as plain and clear as the difference between night and day.