Bashing, intimidating huge swathes of the electorate is a bizarre get-out-the-vote strategy

It’s an article that was published at the Huffintgon Post back in June (but “updated” Sep. 12) which I managed not to know about (or remember) until now titled “If You Don’t Vote Democrat This November, Then Fuck You“.

Without reading a single word, my immdediate thought was “Well fuck you too, HuffPo”.

Granted, it’s part of the blogger section, where presumably anyone can set up shop, just as I can here, but with the added benefit of riding on the Huffington Post’s name recognition while providing them with free content.

What was so stunning to me was how immediately off-putting this was in every reasonable way, to the extent that I’m flatly uninterested in learning anything about who wrote this, much less responding to it directly because the title alone is a non-starter.

Perhaps it’s fitting that this resurfaces shortly after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” gaffe in which she smeared presumably a quarter of the American electorate as racists/sexists/bigots/homophobes out of hand.

It’s the first phase of what’s become a marquee political tactic of the identitarian, regressive-left called “kafkatrapping” which in part involves the twisted, sinister, and corrosive use of honest denials of bigotry as further evidence of it.

She’s since walked it back, but the truth remains that smears, bashing (sometimes physical), and intimidation not just of Trump voters (particularly voters the opinions of whom stray from political lines mandated for them by authoritarian left-wing elites), but the abuse of those considering third party tickets as well has become a staple of the Democratic party in general, and Clinton surrogates in particular.

It’s breathtaking to behold the arrogance and self-entitlement Clinton surrogates flash when they insult or threaten enormous swathes of the electorate, people they presumably need to convince to vote for their candidate, as a way to somehow entice people to vote their way.

Chances are, if you’ve decided to read this, you likely have already thought of an instance in which a Democrat tried to shame or indimidate you into voting for Hillary Clinton, whomever your actual candidate of choice (if any at all) actually is.

I still don’t even know who I’ll vote for this year, if I even vote at all.

Sticking with the realpolitik of Electoral College math, my vote for President probably wont matter since I live in Texas, which has not gone for a Democratic candidate since 1976.

I still struggle with the decision because even if it doesn’t matter in the big picture, it matters to me as I’ll have to live with it.

Tactics like this however are among the many reasons the Democratic Party indefinitely lost me as a voter.

There’s immense value in knowing when not taking the bait. Anyone watching Donald Trump knows this, as there seems to be no squabble too petty to bait him into.

I don’t even care to unpack a screed like the before-referenced HuffPo piece.

I know I’m not going to win over people like that, much have a civil, substantive conversation. Whether it’s worthwhile to even try is a seperate conversation.

People who say, more or less, “fuck you, now vote for my candidate” instantly disqualify themselves as anyone to be taken seriously. The only response I reccomend?

“Well fuck you too…”

Whatever your values are, it’s important to stand by them, ignoring the threats, smears, violence, and intimidation deployed by Clinton surrogates, cherishing the freedom to vote however you feel is right.

Exercise that right if only to spite those who would almost certainly take it from you.