Are you #ReadyForHillary? If you still #FeelTheBern, check out these leaked DNC emails first

If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter (I was, but put that to bed after the New York primary), chances are you feel the primary may have been a rigged game.

You might even feel that there was some kind of collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign and top DNC brass.

Lucky for you Wikileaks released by their count, 19,252 emails from the Democratic National Committee which may have confirmed your suspicions and then some:

The emails leaked and published yield interesting discoveries:

At a time at which the DNC brass worry about party unity, this is either the best or worst time for this to happen, depending on where you lie on the Sanders-DNC/Clinton conflict.

Nonetheless, if you’re a Sanders supporter it’s a perfect time to look at what their party has been up to while feigning neutrality during the primary and ask yourself, “Does this party even deserve my vote?”

Fortunately for you, Wikileaks was also kind enough to share where you can voice your thoughts with like-minded people: