After Nevada Convention Chaos Clinton Claims Narrow Victory in Kentucky, Sanders Takes Oregon


Hillary Clinton eked out a narrow victory in Tuesday’s Mar. 17 Kentucky primary in a 46.8%-46.3 squeaker which had ballot-counters working late to tally the final numbers.

Sanders took Oregon by a more comfortable margin, cleaning up in the Beaver State 51% to 36%.

The contests’ results mean Sanders stands to gain about 50 delegates to Clinton’s 55.

Clinton is now less than 100 delegates (including superdelegates) from the 2,383 needed to clinch the Democratic Party nomination

The Mar. 17 primaries took place after violence allegedly broke out at the state Democratic convention in Nevada over the weekend for which Sanders supporters received much of the blame.

Sanders supporters remained convinced that the Democratic Party primary process is rigged against the Vermont Senator who decided to run as a Democrat after serving in Congress as an independent.

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The primary has been over for me personally since New York, and it’s clear enough to me that Sanders will not win the nomination, even if he still has a shot mathematically speaking.

Clinton is too close to the magic number and Sanders will need to win a large enough number of remaining delegates that I don’t think he can pull it off,  never mind the looming spectre of machinations by the Democratic establishment.

Democratic party apparatchiks worry that this summer’s national conventions may be the opposite of what many expected to be: a nice tidy DNC convention with Clinton wrapping up the nomination with orderly ease; the RNC convention engulfed in the flames of open revolt.

Now, even #NeverTrump Republicans are starting to line up behind the presumptive GOP nominee as Clinton and Sanders supporters are the ones ready to do the bloodletting on the convention floor.

Who knows where we’ll be in the roughly two months remaining until the respective party conventions in July?

Whatever happens, Philadelphia in July is going to be really interesting.