A Red Pill for Laci Green

A lot of people are making a big deal about the possible redpilling of Laci Green, of MTV infamy.

I try to be as comprehensive as possible in my writing and videos, but for the sake of brevity I’m going to assume that if you’re watching this video you already know a bit about Green and why she tends to be controversial or disliked among those who have come to find the brand of progressive identity politics peddled by MTV and the like toxic and insufferable.

Green published a video May 11th titled “TAKING THE RED PILL?” in which, after a long hiatus that in part involved interactions with anti-SJW YouTubers, such as Chris Ray Gun, and Blaire White, she might actually be coming around at least to being open to dialogue with anti-SJW/anti-feminist types, or perhaps even reconsidering some of her political opinions:

Having been a dissident leftist in the past, I applaud her for this even if there are some who question her sincerity.

I’m actually going to give her the benefit of the doubt for the moment precisely because it takes quite a lot of courage to break away from progressive-left orthodoxies.

On the left, one’s social and political circles tend to overlap significantly to the extent that to break away from the latter risks losing the former.

Laci may now know what some of this like, certainly in greater proportions than I considering the size of her audience since some of the reactions to this are about as predictable as it gets:





As I’ve said and wrote earlier, I understand what this is like particularly from my experiences in the political left which I quit in part over the strict ideological conformity ruthlessly policed by “call out culture“, social media shaming, or the targeting of livelihoods among other tactics of silence and intimidation at the sign of the slightest deviation from the party line.

It’s dangerous to question progressive-left orthodoxies because, to borrow from Dennis Prager, we think they’re wrong, the progressive-left thinks everyone who disagrees with them is evil.

To disagree isn’t merely to take issue with the specifics of one issue or another, but a sign of moral failure that must be forcibly corrected or purged by any means necessary.

Though I’ve quit left-wing politics outright, I did come out of the anti-SJW left — the types who might, for example, be for single-payer healthcare, support same-sex marriage, or a higher minimum wage, but think the pure insanity of identity politics that has come to dominate the left today is too radioactive to bother with anymore.

I’ve walked my own path politically since then, which as been as scary as it has been exciting, so this isn’t to suggest Green will put on a MAGA hat and start posting Pepe memes, nor even that’s where I’d necessarily like or want to see her go.

My own political evolution has been been an interesting journey, the tale of which may take a very long time for me to tell, and I certainly welcome her openness to dialog.

I think the important takeaway from this is that people can change, and that’s okay.

With that said, if you’re Laci Green if you’re watching this I wish you the best and I hope you feel better and sharper for having engage with people on the other side of the aisle.